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Where Can a Single Senior Meet Nice Women That Still Enjoy Sex?

Posted on November 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

Jan: I think you can meet them everywhere you go. Look for women, who are active, fun loving and young at heart. I think the question isn’t where you find them (I think they are everywhere) but what are you observing about the women you do meet. So, here’s a start, it is all in attitude.

Her attitudes and comments about different topics fringing on sex/relationships, and discussions about beliefs and past relationships could give a hint. Does she flirt with you? Is she uptight in general? How responsive is she while kissing or hugging? Is she more inclined to push you away? Can you feel her melting in your arms? Do you think she has feelings while making out or is it just a physical thing? Basically is she into it? These are your best clues. To get insight on how she thinks, which will affect her sexual tendencies, you can broach sex/relationship topics by starting discussions about some news event or article in the web or by making a comment about a couple that you see. What is her response?

I wish I could tell you that all lady golfers enjoy sex and tennis players don’t. It is just not that easy. Remember, women need to feel comfortable with you and appreciated by you to really enjoy the sexual side of a relationship. Nice Ladies DO enjoy sex. I hope you find that nice lady soon.

Al: The first step is to find nice women. Nice women don’t wear tattoos stating, “I’m Nice & I Like Sex!”; unless you count that librarian I once met in Augusta, GA, and really, she wasn’t very nice! Since you provided us with no info about yourself, other than the question, I am going to make a few assumptions: You are a Senior and (I hope), you are Single. Meeting nice available women isn’t easy, but try church, internet dating, senior meet-up groups, and just doing the things you like to do. If you meet enough people, you will eventually click with a few. The secret is to put yourself out there, not becoming a recluse or hermit. After you have met the nice woman or women and you have developed a conversational relationship, TACTFULLY (please note this word, it is important), ask her what she enjoys, i.e, movies, reading, sports, cooking, shopping, etc. Somewhere near the end of that conversation, you might ask, “Would you be offended if I ask you if you enjoy sexual relations with someone you care for?” If she slaps your face or gets up and leaves or says an emphatic “NO”, she probably isn’t who you are looking for!! As always, have fun with it!