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What Men Want In A Relationship And Makes Them Commit

Posted on December 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Many girls think and feel like men are not at all serious when it comes to a relationship. This misconception has probably arisen due to the lack of women’s understanding about men. Just like women, men also look and wish for something in a relationship so they can truly commit to it. If you want your man to give himself fully to you, then you have to know what men want in a relationship.


Everyone, regardless of gender, wants honesty. If a woman wants her man to be honest with her, so does a man from his girl; honesty in communication, particularly. Answer your man’s questions honestly, keeping no intended secrets. He would probably appreciate if you will volunteer to give information. If you want something from him, openly and confidently ask so he can provide it for you. Keep in mind that a true man will need and want you to be straightforward; to communicate courageously with no criticism or anger.

Confidence, Security, Self-sufficiency

In dating women, men know that they need to exude confidence to the women they want to attract. In the same way, men also want this quality from the women they are in a relationship with. In everything a woman does, her man wants her to feel confident, secure and self-sufficient. A man knows that his woman is a lady of value; someone who has her own skills and capabilities to be proud of. However, this level of confidence must not to arrogance. If that happens, then she will fail to be a worthy partner to her man.

No Manipulation

Remember that men want their women to find their own fulfillment as an individual and as their partner in the relationship. Similarly, they also want that women will not manipulate them. While it is true that when two people decide to be in a relationship, two will inevitably become one. Yet, this does not mean that one can manipulate the other to become like him or her, just to achieve the goal of becoming one. Becoming one is reaching mutual understanding and agreement between opposing perceptions of two people involved. There should be no forcing or handling just to make the other person agree. This agreement can be achieved through proper communication and open-mindedness.

Worthwhile Sex

Relationship between man and woman will not be complete without sex and intimacy. Sex or intercourse is the consummation of their love for one another. Men do not merely want sex that is consistent or regular. A number of women may think that the only thing important for men is to be able to stick their thing and get relief from release. Any man in a relationship with the woman he loves will want to make love to her and not just mate with her. Thus, sexual activity should be done with passion, love, enthusiasm. You should not give your man simply your body, but also your heart and your mind during intercourse.


Men also look for humor in a relationship. A serious relationship does not necessarily mean that it will be filled only with days of solemnity. You can take something seriously without completely taking away the fun, enjoyment and laughter. Simply be spontaneous in his company, letting out your funny side to make him laugh. You will realize that the more he enjoys your company, the more he will value you.