Relationships Between Virtual Reality And Really Real Reality

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There is a hidden revolution going on within the more obvious revolution of the explosion of wireless technology. Once upon a time if you saw a person on the telephone you knew they were interacting with another person. The mobile cell-phone is nothing different in principal than the landline phone. Texting and email is just a modern fancier version of the telegraph system, which in turn was a more modern fancier version of smoke signals or flag semaphores. Today, it’s not unusual to see, in fact it’s probably now the norm, to see people everywhere holding a piece of wireless technology, usually a smart-phone. But when you observe the person interacting with that wireless device, can you still assume that they are interacting with another human being? You can’t anymore and that’s the hidden revolution. There’s so much virtual reality and artificial intelligence software out there in the ether that when you see someone on their mobile cell-phone, it is very possible the interaction is not with a human but a two-way interaction with computer software, software that mimics a human. Just like it is possible to become emotionally involved with another human, ditto one can become unnaturally attached and dependent on the human mimic. Perhaps even to the extent of wishing to marry that human mimic. We all love it when someone does something for us – well that someone could now just as easily be a something.

We already know people, especially young people, who are obsessed with social contacts (at a distance) via email and Twitter and Facebook and who desire lots of ‘likes’ – what better way to avoid any sort of rejection and ‘dislikes’ than to embrace a virtual (software) friend and companion who’s programmed not to ever reject you.

Marriage or a relationship is traditionally between a man and a woman (or many women and one man, sometimes many men and one woman).

There are other sorts of relationships. The life-size inflatable ‘sex’ dolls for one, which is only a slightly more advanced version from that proposed in the very popular song sung by the Mills Brothers in 1943 titled “Paper Doll” (written by Johnny S. Black in 1915).

Then of course there are those same-sex relationships, the one drawback being problems in biological reproduction, but if you don’t want children, or are happy to adopt, that’s no big deal.

Many people already prefer relationships with pets (companion animals) over people*. Some people have literally ‘married’ their pets.

Some people advertise for a human-human relationship, but if you’re happy with a close encounter of the non-sexual artificial or virtual kind, instead of putting out a classified ad for a perfect human mate, select an off-the-shelf virtual reality (VR) or artificial intelligence (AI) program, or program your own VR or AI to meet your specific or exacting intellectual and emotional needs. Apparently the era of the computer mouse is doomed to extinction and sooner rather than later. Instead of letting your fingers do the walking (or clicking), it’s your mouth that will do the talking. That Star Trek scenario of talking to your computer is nearly to hand. Further, based on past behaviour, your computer software will start to tell you what you want to know before you ask – that’s actually very human like behaviour. To repeat what I said above, we all love it when someone does something for us – well that someone could now just as easily be a something.

Relations between humans and VR or AI have been a sci-fi staple for decades, often akin to human-robotic/android relationships which could do things for you (or to you) that today’s cell-phone VR or AI can’t (yet) do. But the cell-phone of today ultimately will morph into the robot/android of tomorrow. Human-robotic relationships can mirror all the forms of a human-human relationship, except ultimately a robot/android can’t get pregnant or get you pregnant. So you’re still going to need human-human sex. Thus, there will always be a need for a human-human relationship, even if it ends up being sperm meets egg in a test-tube.

What of the far future? Might it ever come to pass that human-VR or AI might pass for the standard scenario or normal undertaking in relationships? Wouldn’t it be great not having dealings with an unpredictable human mood-swinging great unwashed partner, just a ‘someone’ who is 100% respectful and helpful and kind and considerate 100% of the time, and if you really need it, has an off-switch!

If the religious right are frothing at the mouth over intimate same-sex human-human relationships and same-sex marriages, they will probably have a total seizure over a love affair between a human and VR, AI and associated robotic/android pairings.

*We all know the old well known joke – wife to husband (or vice versa), “Either the dog goes or I go” – reply: “So long, it’s been good to know you, but the dog stays”. Then there is that step to a happy marriage: divorce the husband and marry the cat!

What Men Want In A Relationship And Makes Them Commit

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Many girls think and feel like men are not at all serious when it comes to a relationship. This misconception has probably arisen due to the lack of women’s understanding about men. Just like women, men also look and wish for something in a relationship so they can truly commit to it. If you want your man to give himself fully to you, then you have to know what men want in a relationship.


Everyone, regardless of gender, wants honesty. If a woman wants her man to be honest with her, so does a man from his girl; honesty in communication, particularly. Answer your man’s questions honestly, keeping no intended secrets. He would probably appreciate if you will volunteer to give information. If you want something from him, openly and confidently ask so he can provide it for you. Keep in mind that a true man will need and want you to be straightforward; to communicate courageously with no criticism or anger.

Confidence, Security, Self-sufficiency

In dating women, men know that they need to exude confidence to the women they want to attract. In the same way, men also want this quality from the women they are in a relationship with. In everything a woman does, her man wants her to feel confident, secure and self-sufficient. A man knows that his woman is a lady of value; someone who has her own skills and capabilities to be proud of. However, this level of confidence must not to arrogance. If that happens, then she will fail to be a worthy partner to her man.

No Manipulation

Remember that men want their women to find their own fulfillment as an individual and as their partner in the relationship. Similarly, they also want that women will not manipulate them. While it is true that when two people decide to be in a relationship, two will inevitably become one. Yet, this does not mean that one can manipulate the other to become like him or her, just to achieve the goal of becoming one. Becoming one is reaching mutual understanding and agreement between opposing perceptions of two people involved. There should be no forcing or handling just to make the other person agree. This agreement can be achieved through proper communication and open-mindedness.

Worthwhile Sex

Relationship between man and woman will not be complete without sex and intimacy. Sex or intercourse is the consummation of their love for one another. Men do not merely want sex that is consistent or regular. A number of women may think that the only thing important for men is to be able to stick their thing and get relief from release. Any man in a relationship with the woman he loves will want to make love to her and not just mate with her. Thus, sexual activity should be done with passion, love, enthusiasm. You should not give your man simply your body, but also your heart and your mind during intercourse.


Men also look for humor in a relationship. A serious relationship does not necessarily mean that it will be filled only with days of solemnity. You can take something seriously without completely taking away the fun, enjoyment and laughter. Simply be spontaneous in his company, letting out your funny side to make him laugh. You will realize that the more he enjoys your company, the more he will value you.


Casual Sex and How to End It Before It Gets Ugly

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Are you involved in a “friends with benefits” type of situation? Are you having regular sex with someone who you’re not romantically interested in or involved with? A lot of people tend to think these arrangements are good ideas. It seems like the best side of a relationship and the best side of a friendship without all that muck in between. But the truth is, these types of arrangements can (and often do) lead to a good deal of heartbreak and hurt feelings. Are you ready for that type of risk? I didn’t think so. Here is how to end one of these casual sex relationships before the whole thing goes down the tubes.

You’ll have to end the relationship the same way you started it: casually. First of all, look at your particular scenario. Who is this person you’re sleeping with? Is he just some guy you hook up with once in a while? Is he a friend you know through other mutual friends? Is he someone with whom you are close on a platonic level? Decide what you want after the sexual relationship has ended. Are you planning on staying in touch with this guy? Would you like to remain friends?

If you don’t care what happens to your platonic relationship with him, then just end the relationship like ripping off a band aid — tell him it’s over and walk away. However, if you’re trying to preserve your friendship, it may be a little more difficult. You’ll have to approach the situation delicately, but if you respect your friend, you’ll be honest with him for the reasons you want it to end. Tell him if you’re worried the casual relationship is holding you back from finding true love. Tell him if you’re concerned that it might end in heartbreak and ruin your friendship. Men appreciate honesty, and you will only win points for yours, even if it does make him not want to see you for a little while.

If he does back off after you end the relationship, remember that that’s a normal reaction. Whether it’s a friend or a romantic partner, you don’t necessarily want to see the person who just broke up with you immediately after they’ve broken up with you. Give him a little time to heal and bounce back, and then start rebuilding the friendship you once had. It’s never too late.