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How to Have Really Great Sex – Intensify Your Sex Life With These 3 Hot Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Posted on December 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Your sex life just isn’t what you want it to be right now. You and your spouse don’t seem to have a connection anymore and it is really frustrating. Being in a sexless or dull sex relationship isn’t something that you were looking forward to. Find out how to intensify your sex life with these 3 hot tips.

#1. Dirty talk. Dirty talk can be an extremely effective method in getting some passion back into your relationship. It gives you a sense of vulnerability that can be extremely dangerous and very pleasurable. Whispering seductively into your partner’s ear and telling them what to do to you can be very sexy.

#2. Toys. The idea of bringing a toy into the bedroom scares a lot of couples but it can be really sexy and help to bring the both of you to an orgasm. The man can wear a vibrating ring around his member that is both pleasurable for the woman and him or a man can use a vibrating bullet for clitoral stimulation on the woman. Toys can be a lot of fun if used right.

#3. Get out of the bedroom. You may think that the bedroom is the only place in the home to have sex, but if you aren’t even doing it there then you may need to switch it up. Try ambushing your partner on the couch, or in the kitchen. A change of scenery may get that excitement back.

Try using these hot tips tonight to have really great sex and to get the connection back between you and your partner.

Dealing With Gay and Lesbian Relationships

Posted on December 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Gay and lesbian people face a judgmental and confused world on a daily basis. They are sometimes disliked just for being who they are and many wonder how they deal with it. Despite all the hardships they have faced, the gay and lesbian community has progressed a long way and proved many of the stigmas wrong.

Opponents of gay and lesbian partnerships have formed all sorts of theories as to why being gay is immoral, unnatural, or just plain wrong. May opponents have said that to be gay is unnatural because all animals are straight. Research, however, has shown that many animals have same-sex relationships or sex. Bison, giraffes, and dolphins are just a few examples of animals that couple up with animals of the same sex.

In regardless to having a family, many people claim that children of gay parents will identify themselves as gay. However, studies following children of gay parents have found no significant difference in the percentage of children that become gay when compared to children of heterosexual couples. Not only are children of gay couples not likely to become gay simply because their parents are, studies also found children of gay parents to follow the statistics of children of heterosexual children. Behavior and performance in school has been found to be based more on the type of home the child lives in. Does the child live in an abusive household or are they a child of divorce? Or is the child’s home filled with nothing but love and support. Studies show that children are more affected by the stability and support in their household than by the sexual orientation of their parents.

Others argue that gay relationships are flaky and never last, that gay people are sexually driven and incapable of having a serious, monogamous relationship. Studies show that this could not be further from the truth. Gay relationships are very similar to heterosexual relationships. People, whether gay or straight, who want to be in a committed relationship will be in a committed relationship. It is not sexual orientation that drives our needs for sex or relationships. Some mention that gay rights face even bigger challenges then same-sex couples because of all the pressure from society.

The most popular and debated topic surrounding sexual orientation is whether or not being gay is a choice. Those opposed to gay relationships argue that people choose to be gay and are therefore not entitled to the rights of marriage. Supporters of gay rights wonder why someone would choose to be gay in a society so hostile to gay people. In any regard, studies have already proven that sexual orientation is partly genetic and biological. Further studies are being done to try to identify how large a roll genes play in our sexual orientation.

Gay and lesbian relationships face tough opposition, but they are slowly gaining the rights of heterosexual couples. In many states, it is now legal for gay people to get married and gay right supporters are gaining steam. Gay and lesbian relationships are a social struggle that will likely not be resolved anytime very soon. Until then, gay and lesbian couples will likely keep fighting for the rights they feel they deserve.

Sexual Relationships in Space Colonies

Posted on November 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Many behavioral scientists believe that interpersonal relationships amongst astronauts will be a problematic situation and could very well effect the over all mission and even endanger the crew. In fact many Sci Fi authors have written such animosities of interpersonal sexual relationships into their novels including Issac Asimoc, Arthur C. Clarke, Ben Bova and Tess Garitsen in her book “Gravity.” Indeed from what we know about humans and sex and tight confined areas is that it does cause behavior issues. Some of which can be explosive, vindictive and hostile, which in a Space Exploration Colony makes it very dangerous to all.

Some say this can be solved by an all female crew or an all male crew, but if these people are locked up together their maybe same-sex relationships and it is well-known that such cat fights amongst gale males can be a big problem. Changing partners, jealousy and animosity amongst same sex or heterosexual relationships is a problem that NASA will have to work out prior to putting a crew into a capsule sending them for 10-months flight and then into a Mars Colony for five or six years.

NASA is worried about romantic entanglements, love triangles and sexual out of control urges leading to problems. In fact the US National Academy of Sciences has warned of these problems. Then there are issues with infidelity of our astronauts, especially considering many are married with children and they will become role models to millions of Americans almost instantly. Even a 30 month mission would mean that there would be unlimited possibility for problems, but if the mission is long, even a bigger issue.

This could jeopardize space missions, colonies or long-term space exploration flights through or even beyond the solar system. Additionally although no one has been discussing it, the secretions and fluids exchanged contain valuable substances, which will need to be recycled. In fact everything will need to be recycled to save weight; that means urine maybe used for battery power and/or filtered for drinking water and fecal matter maybe used to fertilize plants like fruit trees. Nothing can be wasted.

There have been practice missions here on Earth where there have already been problems with sexual harassment, crews refusing to work and intense arguments, even borderline sabotage. No one denies that sex will need to be part of the mission and allowed otherwise the sexual anxiety and build up will cause other issues, such as violence amongst the males. Many astronauts are also athletes and produce more than average testosterone, often this is true to of the female astronauts as well.

Sex robots may need to be implemented into the mission, perhaps for the married men, in the shape and dimensions of their wife and for single male crew members perhaps of a former girlfriend of non-descript female since the men may need sex more than the women may wish to. No matter what sexual bonding could also enhance the team and provide a very favorable social setting to get even more work done and create a super charged team effort. But NASA has to play it safe and make sure team members are compatible and perhaps even desirable of each other. This will prevent problems while stuck in a small space with many people of high energy, sexual desire and a must do mission, after all the we taxpayers are paying for this mission and we do not need to be paying for space orgies up there. Think on this.