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Casual Sex and How to End It Before It Gets Ugly

Posted on December 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

Are you involved in a “friends with benefits” type of situation? Are you having regular sex with someone who you’re not romantically interested in or involved with? A lot of people tend to think these arrangements are good ideas. It seems like the best side of a relationship and the best side of a friendship without all that muck in between. But the truth is, these types of arrangements can (and often do) lead to a good deal of heartbreak and hurt feelings. Are you ready for that type of risk? I didn’t think so. Here is how to end one of these casual sex relationships before the whole thing goes down the tubes.

You’ll have to end the relationship the same way you started it: casually. First of all, look at your particular scenario. Who is this person you’re sleeping with? Is he just some guy you hook up with once in a while? Is he a friend you know through other mutual friends? Is he someone with whom you are close on a platonic level? Decide what you want after the sexual relationship has ended. Are you planning on staying in touch with this guy? Would you like to remain friends?

If you don’t care what happens to your platonic relationship with him, then just end the relationship like ripping off a band aid — tell him it’s over and walk away. However, if you’re trying to preserve your friendship, it may be a little more difficult. You’ll have to approach the situation delicately, but if you respect your friend, you’ll be honest with him for the reasons you want it to end. Tell him if you’re worried the casual relationship is holding you back from finding true love. Tell him if you’re concerned that it might end in heartbreak and ruin your friendship. Men appreciate honesty, and you will only win points for yours, even if it does make him not want to see you for a little while.

If he does back off after you end the relationship, remember that that’s a normal reaction. Whether it’s a friend or a romantic partner, you don’t necessarily want to see the person who just broke up with you immediately after they’ve broken up with you. Give him a little time to heal and bounce back, and then start rebuilding the friendship you once had. It’s never too late.