Lesbian Relationships With Older Women

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Love, it is said, knows no barriers at least as far as the two people directly involved are concerned. For others, outside of a relationship, there are often certain negative aspects and shortcomings which they are more than happy to outline, to explain and, occasionally, to place as barriers or obstacles in the way of a perfect partnership. A loving relationship between two people is no longer – if it ever was – simple something which involves those two, it draws countless others into the circle with the opinions, their suggestions and, more often than not, their comments behind a person’s back.

This applies not just to a relationship between two people of the same sex, but also to mixed race couples, to those who have found their soul mate in someone from a foreign country and to those whose chosen partner comes from a completely different social level. More especially, for younger people, arguments are raised against beginning a union with someone considerably older than they are.

The reasons can appeared varied but come down, in the end, to one or two simple aspects: where the age difference is more than fifteen years or so, whether the younger will be able to cope with an older partner when they are no longer capable of caring for themselves; whether the older of the two is merely seeking an adventure to prove their worth, to stem their feelings and fears of advancing age and a loss of sexual attractiveness; whether the younger has been blinded and led astray.

At the beginning of any relationship, both parties should be aware of what such an attachment involves and how to cope with the ups and downs of life with another person. There are, however, many more considerations to bear in mind in a lesbian relationship before settling down to a life of peace and quiet together and letting the world go its own way, especially when the relationship involves two people of different ages.

The first hurdle a new couple have to overcome is the level of social acceptance. For many the major drawback of an open same-sex relationship is the reaction of family, friends and work colleagues and the risk they run of being cut off, of being pushed to the outside of former social circles, of losing friendships or, worse still, being rejected by their own families. Sometimes it is necessary to start from the beginning again and accept the fact that a new phase in life means new friends, a new social circle and new challenges.

The next hurdle is the age difference. For many any relationship where there is a greater age range than, say, five years is suspect, can cause uncomfortable thoughts and even comments. Age should, however, make no difference for the couple themselves where love or a great personal attraction is involved.

The advantages of having a lesbian relationship with an older woman are manifold. There is a greater level of experience, not just with life in general, but also with the more intimate side of a relationship. An older woman who has experienced life, who understands the difficulties of living in a society where same-sex relationships are still frowned upon, can bring a certain level of calm when problems arise.

On the intimate side, as far as sex is involved, an older woman brings more than just love into a relationship, she also brings the experience of previous partners, a better understanding of her own body, needs and desires and a willingness to share in order to retain a good and stable relationship. And, in the end, a lesbian relationship with an older woman is much the same as any other relationship with an older person, even when it is judged, or condemned, by others. It depends on the two people who love one another, and not on the opinions of those who lack understanding for the true meaning of a relationship regardless of age, sex or origins.

Best Sex Positions For Older Men and Younger Women

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In the past, it is more difficult for an older man to meet a younger woman. And some people will be very reluctant to accept such kind of relationship. However, with the advance of internet technology, it is a lot easier for an older man to meet a younger woman. There are a lot of dating sites on the web. And people are actively seeking “another half” from these sites.

As a matter of fact, an older man will probably be feeling more energetic when he meets a younger woman. He will certainly perform very well at the very beginning when the intimate relationship is concerned. However, when time goes by, it will be more difficult for them to perform as well. As a result, it is very important to seek for the best sex positions.

We have to face the fact that the body of us will change when we become older. We will not be performing as what we can do when we were still twenty years old. The point here is that, exploring the best sex relationship can help you to satisfy your younger lady well. At the end of the day it is not very difficult for you to start exploring for that.

It is also very true that foreplay is very important when sexual life is concerned. The fact here is that an older man may take longer time in order to be fully aroused. This can actually be an advantage. You will be spending more time on the foreplay and this will also help to arouse your partner a lot better and easier. And this will also help a lot when you are searching for the best sex positions for you and your younger partner.

Besides, an older man may be more experienced in terms of intimate relationship and he may understand the anatomy of women more than younger men. This can be another advantage. Because you understand more about the anatomy of your lady, it will be easier for you to explore the best sex positions with her. Yet, you will still need to remember ladies are usually more emotional than males.

The intimate relationship between an older man and a younger woman can be very perfect. The point here is that you will need to take time to explore the best sex positions. And you should also communicate with your partner well. With your rich experience, you should be able to have a perfect sexual life with your partner!


How To Have Sex More Often – Try These 5 Tips

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What causes a woman to dislike having sex and why she likes to keep it this way? Can a guy do anything to reverse this? Here are 5 ways to make sex fun for you and her.

Why Does A Woman Hate Having Sex

Before trying to overcome the barriers to a great sex life, it will be useful to understand what causes her to dislike having sex.

Even though most women are able to voice out their unhappiness, some choose to hide their feelings. If your woman behaves in this manner, both of your sex life can be seriously affected. Sexual intercourse will be like going through the motion because he is not emotionally and sexually connected to you. Worse still, she may withhold sex and use this as a bargaining chip.

A woman who feels been neglected by her partner or whose husband cheated on her can impede her desire to connect sexually. For her, there is a lot of wrong in the relationship and sex is no easy remedy. If the guy refuses to face up to this issue by seeking out ways to resolve the problem by open discussion or getting professional help, then chances are he will not find a willing, passionate sex partner.

Of course, there are some women who never, ever actually enjoy having sex. While some will try to work this out with their men in looking for ways to get the most out of their sexual relationship, others are resigned to the idea that sexual frustration is with them to stay. With expectations significantly lower, she will not be able to have orgasm.

How To Fix A Low-Sex Relationship

While there is no guarantee of a quick fix, the following ideas should at least start the ball rolling before the situation gets too serious to require the services of a counselor or therapist.

(1) Pay attention to her

It is every guy’s responsibility to become intimately well-informed with the woman he wants to have great sex with. You need to pay attention to her signals in daily life. You need to know what she likes and dislikes and to understand what makes your woman feel angry, hurt, insecure or loved.

(2) Avoid making her feel being treated as a sex object

While a man offers love to have sex, a woman needs to feel emotionally connected before she can get in the mood for making love. If you are only nice to her when you want to have sex with her, she will only feel that you are treating her as a sex object. A woman’s main sexual organ is her brain. If you do not work on her brain by making her feel loved and respected as your partner and wife, she is not going to get turned on by way any of your sexual techniques. Therefore treat her with kindness and consideration in and outside the bedroom.

(3) Assure her

When she is naked, assure her with appropriate comments and touching. Women who worry about the way they look down there are less likely to orgasm easily during sex. According to a study done by the Journal Of Sex Research, women who feel embarrassed or ashamed about their bodies have less sexual experience and are less sexually assertive.

(4) Strengthen emotional intimacy

This can be done by having real communication with each other regularly, which I mean both talking and listening attentively. If there are any disagreements, resolve them as soon as you can to guard against the storing up of anger and resentment. There is also a need to make an effort to spend time together. Couples who can relate well with one another and share activities together tend to be more active in sex.

(5) Enjoy the process and not to be concerned over the outcome

There is a need to recognize that sex is not always perfect. You have to learn to relax and surrender to the moment and simply enjoy the process. If the outcome is not what you expect, see this imperfection as an enriching experience and a chance for you to improve on it later.